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Our History

FreightDATA Software Inc., was originally established as Software Development Associates (SDA), specializing in the development of proprietary accounting systems for CPA’s in the late 70’s. In 1984, the principals of SDA were contracted to develop a trucking interface for the Less-than-Truckload environment for a Los Angeles based carrier.
In 1989, SDA was approached by IBM to migrate their system to run on the IBM RS/6000 platform and its version of Unix. Over the next several years, the application evolved to support the Truckload, Drayage/Intermodal, Warehouse and Logistics environments. Extended solutions were integrated to support Imaging, EDI, Web Tracing and Web Rating technologies.

In January 2002, SDA was officially renamed to FreightDATA Software, Inc. to better reflect their target market. The company’s extended application development projects include additional wireless solutions and the broadening the Over-the-Road suite of applications.

FreightDATA Software has and will continue to create a “best of breed” suite of applications to meet the ever changing needs of its current and future customers.

Our Mission

The mission of FreightDATA Software is to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective transportation management solutions (TMS) to small and medium size carriers with features previously available only to the largest carriers, all the while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Our Values

FreightDATA Software provides the most comprehensive and complete suite of applications for the Trucking and Transportation industry. We recognize that no two companies conduct business alike. As a result, we have designed our systems to be flexible to our customer’s environment instead of them having to change their business to meet our software. Additionally, we provide a broad array of technologies that are of value to our customers.

We pride ourselves on:

Listening to our current and future customers

Collaborating with business partners

Continuing integration with 3rd party systems

Tracking, analyzing and forecasting industry trends

Striving for the highest level of customer service and ethics

Our Location

100 Spectrum Center Dr.

Ste 900

Irvine, CA 92618