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LTL Software

FreightDATA LTL software includes Dispatch, Rating, Billing, Manifesting, Accounting, Interlines, Management & Financial Reporting, Tracking & Tracing, Driver Management & Pay, Credit & Collections, Equipment Maintenance, Sales & Commissions, Statistics & History. Extended solutions include EDI, Imaging, Warehousing and Web Interface. FreightDATA can also interface to 3rd party solutions.


PU Board Display

Manage Appointments

Assign Driver/Carrier

Update Shipment Status

Delivery Manifesting

Billing & Rating

Automatic or Manual Rating

California PUC Rates

Class or FAK Rates

Auto Discounts

Auto Surcharge


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger

Financial Reports

Credit & Collections

Driver Management & Pay

Cost vs Revenue Reporting

Interline Payables

Carrier Aging

Auto Deductions

1099 Reporting

Tracking & Tracing

Search by Date Range

Reference Number Look Up

Carrier BOL Look Up

Search by Customer

Search by Pieces & Weight

Sales & Commissions

Salesman Database

Quarterly Reporting

Commissions by Percentage

Account Transfer to a New Salesman

Commission Statements

Statistics & History

Performance Reporting

Traffic Flow Analysis

Shipper Activity

MTD Activity

Annual Reporting

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Database

Track Maintenance Cost

Fuel Purchase

Maintenance Invoices

Custom Reporting

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