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Intermodal Software

The FreightDATA Intermodal dispatch software is a complete and integrated, full featured enterprise system for intermodal trucking and container drayage operations. FreightDATA Intermodal software includes Dispatch, Auto-rating, Billing, Landbridge, Accounting, Owner/Operator Payables, Driver Management & Pay, Safety Management, Operations & Accounting Reports, Tracking & Tracing, Credit & Collections, Equipment Control, Sales & Commissions, Statistics & History. Extended solutions include EDI, Document Imaging, Warehousing and Web Portal Interface. FreightDATA can also interface to 3rd party solutions.

The System is designed to allow the transportation company flexibility and control in all the areas of concern in the movement of freight in and out of the terminals and yards. Automated rating in a multi-user environment allows you to create and maintain personalized customer rating for all phases of intermodal movements.

Each rail and ship line’s individual interchange agreements can be set up in the system (e.g. free days, pools, etc.). At the end of each business day the freight activity is posted to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and various statistical files. All information about any freight bill is available on any screen on the system. Payments for Owner-Operators can be automatically calculated when the driver information is entered and adjustments may be made up until the check is issued.


Assign Driver/Carrier

Update Load Status

Track LFD & Date Available

Manage Per Diem

Spotted Container Reports

Billing & Rating

Automatic or Manual Rating

Port/Rail to City Rates

All Inclusive Rates

Auto Discounts

Auto Surcharge


Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger

Financial Reports

Credit & Collections

Driver Management & Pay

Cost vs Revenue Reporting

Owner/Operator Settlements

Carrier Activity Report

Auto Deductions

1099 Reporting

Tracking & Tracing

Search by Date Range

Reference Number Look Up

Search by Container

Search by Customer

Search by BOL

Sales & Commissions

Salesman Database

Quarterly Reporting

Commissions by Percentage

Account Transfer to a New Salesman

Commission Statements

Statistics & History

Performance Reporting

Unreturned Container Report

Shipper Activity

Activity by Movement Type

Annual Reporting

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Database

Track Maintenance Cost

Fuel Purchase

Maintenance Invoices

Custom Reporting

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